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Business Taxes

We offer tax and accounting advice for all stages of the business cycle. From the inception of your business idea, to established businesses that have been trading for a number of years.

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Whether your business is a sole trade, partnership, Ltd company or LLP, we want to be the first choice in tailoring a bespoke suite of services to meet your tax and accounting needs, and to make sure we minimise your tax and filing requirements with the authorities.

These are some of the areas we are good at:

  • Preparing Statutory Accounts including the P&L, balance sheet and statutory disclosures required by Companies House;
  • Filing corporate self-assessment tax returns in iXBRL format and reviewing to ensure maximum tax relief is obtained;
  • Dealing with corporate groups and losses;
  • Deciding on the appropriate dividend/salary/pension remuneration strategy and mix;
  • Highlighting the availability of capital allowances to ensure maximum relief;
  • Setting up EIS schemes and checking the availability of R&D tax relief for ‘tech’ companies;
  • Advice in connection with the protection against IR35;
  • Preparing partnership accounts and filing the associated partnership tax returns;
  • Preparing sole trade business accounts/micro accounts and filing the self-assessment tax returns for the proprietor;
  • Commercial Property funds/businesses (including business structures, capital allowances, BPRA and VAT);
  • We offer a ‘fee protection’ service to all of our ‘signed up’ clients. This protects you in the event of an HMRC tax enquiry where our insurance company covers the cost of our fees.

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